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System Installations
FUTURE SOUND & LIGHTING CO.'S PRIMARY FOCUS IS TO PROVIDE the BEST "Electro Acoustic" sound systems, stage lighting, video projection systems and other electronic communications systems in the agreed specified time and within budget. With over 33 years of installation experience we continue to focus our energy into designing efficiently simple pro-audio, stage lighting, and video projection systems for houses of worship, educational facilities, and business conference environments. If you need assistance in developing captivating worship spaces, we can help. Our drive is powered by helping people create quality sound, lighting, and video systems that draw on the talents of our Gulf Coast team members.

Performance Sound
Sound systems are probably the most complex and diverse systems to deal with as a designer, installer or indeed as an end user, partly because of the vast array of different manufacturers and models and partly due to the diversity of applications and requirements.

Sound has a very personal aspect with people perceiving “good” audio quality differently, Sound & Light Concepts will keep an open mind on all consultations and designs and offer the best bespoke solution. We deal with most, if not all, manufacturers and can arrange onsite or in house demonstrations of any equipment.

Performance Lighting
Performance lighting is a very broad heading covering a wide variety of applications. Commonly implemented in entertainment venues such as theatres, concert halls, night venues but is equally relevant in schools, universities, community halls, churches or any entertainment related venue with a requirement to light specific areas in specific ways.

Over the last few years, with the development of technology, performance lighting has been used in more diverse manors from architectural lighting to sensory rooms for disabled facilities.

As experienced consultants, designers and installers of specialist lighting systems we believe an impressive result comes from a well designed system. Providing flexibility through dedicated infrastructure tailored to the venue and its requirements, taking into account future upgrades.

Distributed Sound
Distributing and controlling sound can be an enormous challenge when designing a sound stage, especially with modern architecture and glass walls. Control and zoning are usually the prime concern with the emphasis on speech and clarity more than precise audio reproduction.

Whilst the speakers used are off the shelf products the control to distribute the sound can be incredibly complex. Sound & Light Concepts are often dealing with multiple speakers over many different zones, each performing different tasks from automated and scheduled music to announcements, all with manual override and backup systems. Should off the shelf equipment not provide the solution, we can manufacture bespoke control equipment for special requirements.